Venue & Accommodation

Welcome Reception (May 16)

At Howard Prince Hotel Taichung 2F (台中福華飯店2樓)


Venue (May 17,18)

At Department of Applied Mathematics(應用數學系) (Venue PDF) , Science Technology Building(大智慧科技大樓) (Google map street view), Tunghai University(東海大學) (Brief introduction).

  • Brief Campus Map 1 (PNG), Brief Campus Map 2 (JPG)
  • Complete Campus Map A3 size (PDF)(PNG)


Vehicle Pass

Only vehicles bearing an Vehicle Pass (PDF) will be allowed to proceed to campus from the School Main Gate. Please download it and print it by yourself if you have this requirement.




While arriving at the Taoyuan International Airport, you need to take the Union Bus (No. 705) to Taoyuan (桃園) High Speed Station. Then, buy a one-way ticket to Taichung (台中) High Speed Station. It takes around 38 minutes and costs NT$590 (the fee depending on what kind of seat you have). In addition to 38 minutes, you also need to take into account the time which is from the airport to the rail station and from the rail station to Tunghai University. Therefore, it may take at least 1.5 hours. 

After arriving in Taichung, you can take the Taichung Bus (No.69), a taxi or a free shuttle bus(Taichung Station: THSR Taichung Station - Tunghai University-Central Taiwan Science Park) to Tunghai University.


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