Conference Program

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Time / Date

Friday (5/16)


Welcome Reception (Buffet)
At Howard Prince Hotel Taichung 2F

Time / Date

Saturday (5/17)




Keynote Speaking
Professor (Dr.) Ajith Abraham


Coffee Break


Session 1.




Keynote Speaking
Professor Chung-Ming Chen


Session 2.


Coffee Break


Session 3.



Time / Date

Sunday (5/18)


Keynote Speaking
Dr. Pin Chung


Coffee Break


Session 4.




Session 5.


Coffee Break


Session 6.





Session 1: Instrument, Measurement, and Control

Room: ST527

Session Chair: Huang-Nan Huang

0027 Sliding Mode Control of a Magnetic Levitation System with PID Tuning Technique

Authors: Jeng-Tze Huang and Nguyen Ho Si Hung

0039 Visual Measurement System for the Circular Workpiece

Authors: Hsiao-Wei Liu and Chin-Sheng Chen

S003 On the Resolution of the Hull and White Interest Rate Model with the ENSS Forward Interest Rate

Authors: Hong-Ming Chen

S004 Constructing an Intelligent Environmental Monitoring System for Air Quality Control in a Hospital

Authors: Chao-Tung Yang, Chi-Jui Liao, Jung-Chun Liu, Walter Den, Chia-Cheng Wu, and Fang-Yie Leu

S105 Effect of Nanoparticles on MWCNT Buckypaper for the Absorption of Electro-Magnetic Wave

Authors: Che-Wei Tsao, L. Saravanan, Jui-Wen Pan, Hsin-Yuan Miao, Jih-Hsin Liu, Jun-Hong Weng, Li-Chih Wang


Session 2: Signal, Image, and Biomedical information Processing

Room: ST527

Session Chair: Shuo-Tsung Chen

S101 Digital Audio Watermarking Robust to Amplitude Scaling in the Wavelet Domain

Authors: Shuo-Tsung Chen, Huang-Nan Huang, Chur-Jen Chen, and Jinn-Yi Yeh

S102 Parallelizing the Berlekamp-Massey Altlgorithm

Authors: Hanan Ali, Ming Ouyang, Amira Soliman, and Walaa Sheta

S104 Robust Image Watermarking using Karhunen-Loeve Transform

Authors: Kuo-Kun Tseng, Xiaoxiao An and Shuo-Tsung Chen

S106 Usage of Cloud Technologies to Implement Electronic Health Record

Authors: Yao-Chin Wang, Indrajit Bhattacharya, Jaijit Bhattacharya, Anandhi Ramachandran, Sanjeev Maskara, Woon-Man Kung, I-Jen Chiang, and Ajit Kumar


Session 3: Optimization

Room: ST527

Session Chair: Tao-Ming Wang

S107 A Discrete Particle Swam Optimization for Scheduling Projects with Resource Constrained

Authors: Shih-Chieh Chen and Ching-Chiuan Lin

S301 Analytic Approach for Uncapacitated Green Supply Chain Network Design

Authors: Shuo-Tsung Chen, Li-Chih Wang , Tzu-Li Chen, Yiwen Chen, Yin-Yann Chen, and Jinn-Yi Yeh

S302 On MinimumZero-Sum Graph Flows

Authors: Tao-Ming Wang, Shih-Wei Hu, and Guang-Hui Zhang

S303 K-Partition Flash Code with BIFC-based Sharing

Authors: Riz Rupert L. Ortiz, Herbert R. Esling, and Proceso L. Fernandez


Session 4: Sensor Network and Application

Room: ST527

Session Chair: Fang-Yie Leu

0024 An ACO-based Algorithm for VM Scheduling with Load Balancing in Cloud Computing

Authors: Keng-Mao Cho, Pang-Wei Tsai, Chun-Wei Tsai, and Chu-Sing Yang

S202 A Condition-based Location Authentication Protocol for Mobile Devices

Authors: Ci-Rong Li, Chien-Ming Chen, Mu-En Wu, Tsui-Ping Chung, and Raylin Tso

S401 A K-L-representative community detection algorithm for social networks

Authors: Yanxi Lu, Jeng-Shyang Pan, Lijun Yan, and Tien Szu Pan

S402 Displacement Analysis and Consistency Verification for the Non-Intrusive AC Current Sensor

Authors: Wei-Hung Hsu, Shih-Hsien Cheng, Lien-Yi Cho,and Sheng-Fuu Lin

S201 Chernoff Segmented Window with Automatic Tuner for Mining Frequent Itemsets

Authors: K Jothimani

S006 A Computer-aided Human Computation Approach for Testing Web Application

Authors: Shian-Shyong Tseng and Tsung-Ju Lee


Session 5: Numerical Approximation and Computing

Room: ST527

Session Chair: Hsin-Yun Hu

S501 Computational Analysis of the Dynamics of Plasma-Organic-Polymer-Film-Coated QCR Sensors Using Numerical Inversion of a Laplace Transform

Authors: Kazuhiko Takahashi, Yoshie Kawanobe and Iwao Sugimoto

S001 Monte Carlo Simulation in Finance on GPU and Multi-Core Processor

Authors: Hong-Ming Chen and Sheng-Yen Ho

S502 On Hexagonal Finite Volume Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Authors: Deniel Lee and Hui-Chun Tien

S503 Gradient Reproducing Kernel Approximation for Elasticity Problems

Authors: Hsin-Yun Hu, J. S. Chen and Sheng-Wei Chi

S005 Novel Almost Lossless Compression Technique on Arterial Pulse Waveforms by Spline Interpolation and Huffman Coding

Authors: Albert C.-Y. Lin, Huang-Nan Huang, Tzu-Min Lin, Pin-Huang Hsu, and Ching-Chi Yen


Session 6: Recognition, Classification, and Data Mining

Room: ST527

Session Chair:  Shuo-Tsung Chen

0012 Nearest Feature Linear Regression Classification with Half Face

Authors: Qingxiang Feng and Jeng-Shyang Pan

0048 Weighted K-nearest Neighbor Classification Based on the Gradient of Class-Conditional Density

Authors: Guoli Ji, Mingcheng Wu, Jingyi Fu, Meishuang Tang, and Yunlong Gao

0054 Improved Best Distance Measurement Nearest Neighbor Rule

Authors: Yunlong Gao, JinYan Pan, Mingcheng Wu, Wenliang Dong

S108 Content-based Vedio Advertising: A framework

Authors: Xiong Cao and Haijun Zhang

S109 Texture Classification Using 2D Gabor Filter

Authors: Ming Zhao